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UNNICH Football Academy

UNNICH football academy is a youth football academy based in Abia State, Nigeria. The academy has been serving as a breeding ground for talents and youth development around the round leather game with the sole aim of career projection.

Unnich FA was founded by Uwa Innocent and Uchenna Adiele on the 25th of March, 2003 to inculcate technical, physical, tactical and psychosocial discipline into aspiring young minds through a well-structured and cultured programme in an bid to promote positive values as expected to be seen in professional players.
At the academy, the youth are placed in three different phase programmes¬ – age 5-12 years, 13-15 years and 16-19 years respectively. Progress and records on each individual are properly kept and monitored. Basic training equipment and facilities are available to facilitate the physical and mental wellbeing of the players.
Out of the passion for young minds and football, the academy has call on the state football academy to check on the activities of every grass root football Coach and possibly create seminars to educate these Coaches so as to create an avenue for them to rub minds on the new trend in the world of football mentoring. Futhermore, the knowledge gained from such meetings can be impacted into their players at various levels.
There are numbers of competitions the academy has participated in, under different categories, in different states across the Nation. Competitions organized by The Youth Sport Federation Of Nigeria {YOSFON}, Association Of Grassroot Football Coaches {AGFC}, Federation Of Youth Soccer Club {FESOC} Which the academy won in 2009 and defended it in 2010 and various competitions within Abia State.

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The academy as a nursery to young mind is open to partnerships, affiliations, and sponsorship of any form to keep nurturing talents into world class prospects.

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