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Kwara Federal Lawmaker Keeps Mum As Rumours Of Alleged Forgery Of Degree Certificate Grow

A member of the House of Representatives, Hon Ahmed Abubakar Ndakene, has for about four days now had rumours and suspicions surrounding his alleged forged degree certificate getting promoted by social media users in the state of harmony while it has also become topic of discussion among his constituents.

As contained in his curriculum vitae which is also made available on internet websites including , Ahmed Ndakene, has a B.SC in Economics, 1998, SSSCE 1990 and School Leaving Certificate, 1984. learned rumours have been circulating and the promoters of such insinuations are allegedly faulting the assertion by the federal lawmaker that he has a B.SC in Economics from the premier university, ABU Zaria and added that he must have allegedly forged the documents he possesses. They also added that having realized that he allegedly possesses a fake degree certificate, he allegedly took a voluntary decision to stay away from seeking employment inspite of the fact that his father, Alhaji Abubakar Ndakene held strategic appointments at different times. While it must be emphasized that the allegations remain in the realms of conjectures, the federal lawmaker who represents Edu/Moro/Patigi Federal Constituency has not also helped matters as he has failed to deal with the rumours that continued to grow unchallenged. It was made to travel faster than the speed of light between Wednesday and Thursday. Efforts made by to make Ndakene clear the air on the issue did not yield results, our reporter called him multiple times but he neither answered his phone calls nor returned them , he also failed to reply SMS and messages sent to him on the Whatsapp platform since Tuesday. While has not taken a definitive position on the veracity or otherwise of the rumours cognizant that its status remains as it is ‘rumours’ , if it eventually earns reactions, such situation will have the federal lawmaker being in the spotlight while the state will also make the headlines in semblance with the Salisu Buhari and Dino Melaye scenarios. Salisu Buhari had claimed he attended the University of Toronto in Canada, participated in the NYSC programme and that he was also born on the 3rd of January 1963 and he was consequently elected Speaker, House of Representatives in 1999 . Salisu however spent just two months in office as it later emerged that he was actually born on January 3, 1970, making him 29 years as at the time he contested and won the House of Representatives election whereas the constitution pegs the age limit for a member of the House of Representatives at 30. He did not also attend the University of Toronto or participated in the NYSC programme as asserted. ‘I apologize to you. I apologize to the nation. I apologize to my family and friends for all the distress I have caused them. I was misled in error by the zeal to serve the nation. I hope the nation will forgive me and give me the opportunity to serve again’ Salisu who was moved to tears said while announcing his decision to resign as Speaker, House of Representatives , on 22nd of July, 1999 . In the last dispensation, an online medium, SaharaReporters, also in a series of tweets on its Twitter handle, @SaharaReporters, alleged that Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi West did not graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University as claimed. Melaye according to the medium allegedly bribed his Head of Department, who assisted him to forge his transcript. The allegations were eventually punctured as the university authorities not only confirmed Dino as product of the institution but also later made his original certificate available. It was a comical scene as Melaye turned up at the next plenary session of the senate wearing academic gown. As investigation continues and as events unfold, it is not known yet if the rumours surrounding the degree certificate of Ndakene will eventually go the way of Salisu or Dino, only time will tell.


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