’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ star Avery Mills: The Tell-All edited out Angela Deem attacking my mom! | YOUTHVIBES ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ star Avery Mills: The Tell-All edited out Angela Deem attacking my mom! | YOUTHVIBES

’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ star Avery Mills: The Tell-All edited out Angela Deem attacking my mom!

’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ star Avery Mills: The Tell-All edited out Angela Deem attacking my mom!


90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Avery Mills and Rebecca Parrot claim Angela Deem’s outburst on Part 2 of the Tell-All was even more explosive than Monday night’s TLC broadcast showed and things allegedly got physical.

“Why didn’t they show the part where Angela and her daughter PHYSICALLY ATTACKED MY MOM?” Avery wrote Monday night in her Instagram Stories.

And Rebecca took to Instagram around the same time and asked fans not to give Angela attention, although she did not name Angela directly in her post.

“Please do not glorify this woman’s behavior. It was not acceptable and the entire altercation was not aired,” Rebecca wrote in her Instagram Stories.

@o.m.a.ver.y statements are true. It’s unfortunate it happened and I hope this woman seeks help. This should not have happened…#90dayfiance #beforethe90days #90dayfiancememes #realitytv #TLC #beforethe90daysfiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #rebeccaandzied #90df #pillowtalk.”

The drama began when Avery and Timothy Malcolm teamed up on Darcey Silva’s ex, Jesse Meester from Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, giving him a piece of their minds.

Avery and Timothy agreed Jesse came on the show looking to start problems between Darcey and her love Tom Brooks. They thought Jesse was hoping to get a rise out of Darcey or upset her.

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Avery told Jesse that he had “manipulated” Darcey, and Timothy said his presence was messing with Darcey’s new relationship. Timothy even refused to shake Jesse’s hand upon meeting him.

Avery also blamed Jesse for Darcey’s issues or insecurities, but Jesse insisted Darcey talked about him and contacted him — not the other way around.

Angela then entered the room and began yelling at Avery and Timothy for “bullying” Jesse. Angela demanded that Avery and Timothy stay in their own lanes and stay out of Darcey and Jesse’s business.

Angela told Avery that she wasn’t acting like a Muslim or a lady, but Avery and Timothy argued they were just sticking up for their friends — Darcey and Tom.

Angela yelled that Avery and Timothy knew nothing about Jesse and Darcey’s former relationship and they just needed to “hush.”

Avery told Jesse afterward that she was not trying to bully him and that was not her intent, although she still believed he was appearing on the Tell-All to start drama, which Jesse denied.

Meanwhile, Angela FaceTimed with her fiance Michael Ilesanmi outside, saying she would always stand up for what is right and she was not trying to look like a badass.

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But tension escalated once Avery, Angela, Timothy, Rebecca, and Benjamin Taylor all got onstage together.

Avery was still crying from Angela’s verbal attack, but Angela seemed to feel no sympathy for the 19-year-old and basically suggested Avery was being ridiculous and dramatic given she had started the problem, to begin with.

Angela accused Avery of talking over her and not listening, and she yelled about how people were inserting themselves into Jesse’s business. Rebecca, however, respectfully pointed out Angela had involved herself in the conversation as well when it had nothing to do with her.

“Listen, please stay over there!” Angela yelled at Rebecca.

“Are you really like this, Angela?” Rebecca asked in frustration and surprise. “Please be more respectful to her because of her age.”

After Rebecca and Avery tried to defend themselves, Angela suddenly screamed, “Shut the f-ck up!”

Avery pointed a finger at Angela telling her not to talk that way to someone, and then Angela screamed at her and appeared to push her finger down.

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Angela and Rebecca then stood up and got into each other’s faces, as Avery stood off to the side crying.

Angela continued to yell in Rebecca’s face to shut up, and Rebecca, in turn, called Angela “trashy” and said she wasn’t going to raise her voice and lower herself to Angela’s standards.

Suddenly, Avery’s mother Teri ran onto the stage to protect and defend her daughter. Little was shown, however, of Teri and Angela’s interaction.

“Go cry an f-king river. Grow up! You’re a married woman now!” Angela yelled at Avery as bodyguards surrounded her. “[Darcey] don’t need a little girl taking up for her because Tom can handle Jesse!”

As Teri comforted her daughter, Darcey shouted backstage that Jesse wasn’t worth any of this drama.

Benjamin later described Angela as “a wrecking ball” on the Tell-All special and said a person can stick up for him or herself without cursing or being “disgusting.”

Avery also noted Angela was “crazy,” and Rebecca didn’t seem to think there was an excuse for that type of behavior.

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